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The Buddha of the Piano

An Important New DVD
Recently a revival of interest in romantic performance traditions has brought about a Godowsky renaissance, and the subsequent reappearance of a number of his major works in print, on record, and in concert. This new DVD produced and directed by pianist Antonio Iturrioz is the first of its kind to explore the life, works, and influence of the great master Leopold Godowsky.

The Buddha of the Piano
 Godowsky is primarily known as a superman of piano playing and a unique arranger, but few people know that he was also a wonderful and prolific composer.  He composed for the two extremes of pianism: from the simple duets for four hands (Miniatures) to the legendarily difficult 53 paraphrases on the Chopin Etudes, the Symphonic Metamorphoses, and the monumental Passacaglia.   The critic James Gibbons Huneker referred to Godowsky asa pianist for pianists”,
“the apostle of the left hand”
“the Buddha of the piano.”

On Stage

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Leopold Godowsky
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Antonio Iturrioz