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**** Events -- 2013 ****
July 18, 19 and 20, 2013
Querceto International Piano Festival, Florence, Italy
Recital, master class, and showing of film, "The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky"
Reveiw of the Event in Quereto:
“The opening concert of the Querceto International Piano Festival was a great success, both for the wonderful music in the program and the unusual sensitivity of the interpreter, Antonio Iturrioz.... A special mention of the Scriabin Nocturne for the Left Hand which closed the first half of the program...the pianist gave a brilliant essay of his mastery of the left hand repertoire."
"The two European premieres, the amazing Tango Blue by Charles Sepos and Gottschalk’s Nuit des Tropiques, the second movement of which – Fiesta Criolla – was arranged for one piano by Antonio Iturrioz himself ....revealed the personality of the pianist as an artist at his best."
" About the film showing, The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky:
The audience really enjoyed and appreciated this remarkable film...it is really enjoyable and rich in music, anecdotes and emotional curiosities, always shown with deep sensitivity.”
_Paolo Francese, Artistic Director of Querceto International Piano Festival
July 9, 2013
Noontime Concerts, Old St. Mary's Cathedral,
660 California St., San Francisco, CA.
March 9 and 10, 2013
The White Barn, St. Helena, California
7pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday
January 13, 2013
Old First Church, San Francisco, California, 4pm
    An Afternoon of Romantic and Post Romantic Music by Bach-Godowsky, Stauss-Godowsky, Chopin-Godowsky, Scriabin, Schumann, and Charles Sepos. A World Premiere on One Piano of "Nuit des Tropiques, Symphony Romantique", by L.M. Gottschalk
**** Events -- 2012 ****
November 14, 2012
Los Gatos Meadows, Los Gatos, California, 7pm
Piano Music for an Autumn Evening


October 13 and 14, 2012
Edinburgh Society of Musicians, Edinburgh, Scotland
Piano recital on Saturday at 8pm
Film Showing on Sunday at 2pm, "The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky" with a recital following.Host: Harry Winstanley, President of the New International Godowsky Society

Antonio Iturrioz visited the society this weekend (October 13-14, 2012) to play a recital and show his film on Godowsky's life and art. He treated us to some fine playing; notable was his performance of the Strauss/Godowsky 'Artist's Life Waltz' Symphonic Metamorphosen, rarely heard - one can see why - and the moving and beautiful arrangement by Godowsky of the Aria from Bach's second violin Sonata. Perhaps most striking was his espousal of music for the left hand alone. A Chopin etude (e-flat minor) took on a new light with this treatment; of the pieces written specially fo the left hand Blumenfeld's Study and Skriabin's Nocturne were the unfamiliar and the familiar that made also a deep impression on us. Striking in the film was the footage of both Iturrioz's performances (of some of the pieces we had heard live) and also footage of Godowsky. For me the idea that Godowsky's playing was determined entirely by weight release was something of an eye-opener, but a confirmation both of what I had long thought, and that this can really work. The whole occasion, organised in conjunction with Edinburgh's Godowsky Society (chairman Harry Winstanley) was a building of the bonds of friendship under the auspices of great art - what a delight. We hope that Antonio will be with us again before long, and meanwhile we shall practise our Godowsky arrangements.

Dr. J. P. Willmett, pianist and scholar, Edinburgh Society of Musicians

July 17, 2012
Noontime Concerts, Old St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, California
June 2, 2012
First Congregational Church of San Rafael, California, 2pm
    Piano Music for a Summer Afternoon Featuring the legendarily difficult Symphonic Metamorphoses on the Artist's Life, by Strauss-Godowsky.
May 9, 2012
Spring Lake Village, Santa Rosa, California, 7pm.
May 6, 2012
Distinguished Artists Concert & Lecture Series,
Santa Cruz, California
April 15, 2012

Friends House, Santa Rosa, California, 4pm


**** Events -- 2011 and 2010 ****
November 5 & 6, 2011

Distinguished Artists Concert & Lecture Series,
Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA.

recital at Cabrillo College Nov. 6, 2011

"Cuban-American pianist Antonio Iturrioz resembled a Capuchin monk, cloaked in simplicity, humility and devotion. His selfless touch transformed the hall into a sanctuary where an offering was made with the simplest of ceremony on the altar of truth and beauty to the highest levels of art. It was an elegant, beautiful and touching performance -- the kind that inspires you and brings tears to your eyes."

"The Kinderscenen by Schumann was so intimate and personal that it must be the fruit of decades of reflection, introspection and experimentation. Each piece sparkled in its own way, and yet they all fit together as tightly as pieces of a puzzle, presenting a picture of childhood that is both unique and universal."

"The Artist's Life by Strauss-Godowsky ... was executed flawlessly and with a rare sophistication....even before the last note, the members of the audience were rising from their seats."


Oct 23, 2011
Liszt Gala Recital at
Old First Church, San Francisco, 2PM
July 23, 2011
Recital at the First Congregational Church of San Rafael Concert Series
    "The program featured pieces from the Romantic Period, local contemporary composers Charles Sepos and Richard Whalen, and showcased perhaps one of the most difficult pieces in the piano repertoire--Metamorphoses on the Artist's Life by Strauss, arranged by Leopold Godowsky, which Mr. Iturrioz played with great aplomb. Iturrioz should be applauded for presenting the piece with such style and grace that to the listener it felt reminiscent of another time and place altogether--Vienna at the turn of the century. I was reminded of the golden age of the Romantic School, the sound was similar to recordings of Mischa Levitsky who played with such whimsical charm, color and control. It is safe to say the tradition is still alive today." --Jeffrey Paul, Pianist and Music Director .
February 19, 2011
Recital at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
    "Pianist Antonio Iturrioz exhibited masterful playing on February 19, and his control of phrasing and attention to detail was formidable.  Chopin's Aeolian Harp Etude was shimmering and sparking and the best live performance I have ever heard....Liszt's St. Francis of Paul Walking on the Waves ranged from rippling brooks to torrential cascades and was breathtaking !"   - Classical Sonoma.
     "Mr. Iturrioz played Symphonic Metamorphoses on The Artist's Life Waltzes by Strauss, arranged by Godowsky.  The contrapuntal fantasy on The Artist's Life is the most monumental arrangement of a Strauss waltz and separates the men from the boys as far as piano playing goes.  Iturrioz gave a grand and noble treatment with a perfect European sense of the waltz rhythm."  - Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
February 27, 2010

recital at Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

"Antonio Iturrioz played a world class concert at the SCA....Iturrioz has the ability to take risks emotionally with his playing while never sacrificing perfection." Katie Ketchum-Carroll, pianist, Russian River Times, February 28, 2010.

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March 25th, 2010

The Buddha of the Piano: Leopold Godowsky was premiered at the Rialto Theater, Santa Rosa, California.

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"The Buddha of the Piano is a wonderful film...perhaps.the most rewarding component is Mr. Iturrioz's excellent performances of many of Godowsky's difficult arrangements and compositions."

Donna Kline, pianist and author of Virtuoso: Olga Samaroff.  Classical Sonoma, March 27, 2010.  

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June 13, 2010,
4:00 p.m

Piano Recital at: The Piano Store, 5755 Redwood Drive, Rohnert Park, CA
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music of Schumann, Chopin and more.
with a Special appearance by the young pianist Sunny Kim.

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July 2010 Presentations

July 14 and 16: 

The Buddha of the Piano is one of three films to be shown at the Portland International Piano Festival.  For information, visit www.portlandpiano.org  

July 18

"The Buddha of the Piano" will be aired on Northern California PBS station KRCB, Channel 22, Sunday night, July 18, at 10:30 p.m.