About the DVD

The Art of the Left Hand: A Brief History of Left Hand Piano Music

Narrated and performed by Antonio Iturrioz

A uniquely new exploration of left hand piano literature with performances by noted pianist Antonio Iturrioz, this film delves into the history of a largely neglected body of repertoire and focuses on both well-known and obscure pianists and composers.

With a view toward expanding the experience of both musicians and non-musicians, Mr. Iturrioz gives us insight into the fascinating world of left hand repertoire. In this film he discusses and demonstrates some specific techniques involved in solo left hand playing and performs such important works as the famous Scriabin Nocturne and Godowsky arrangements of Chopin and Strauss.

This film is valuable in the academic setting because it fills a gap in our awareness of the works by great composers as well as the lesser known. Praise for this film has come from such important piano teachers and musicians as Marina Derryberry, the teacher of Jon Nakamatsu, who called this film, "A fascinating study full of interesting facts and research combined with illustrative performances," and William Corbett-Jones of San Francisco State University who said of the film that "it belongs in the library of every serious pianist and music institution."

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Enthusiastically received by fellow pianists and music scholars ...
"This unusual film is unique in its concept. It merits the attention that Antonio Iturrioz has devoted to it. It should be listened to."

Byron Janis

" In this film Mr. Iturrioz gives us superb performances of several pieces, such as the Brahms arrangement of the Bach Chaconne and Godowsky arrangements of the Chopin Etudes. He has created an informative and beautiful film that belongs in the library of every serious pianist and music institution."
William Corbett-Jones
Professor of Piano, San Francisco State University

" This video is charming, illuminating and invaluable!"
Arthur Bloomfield, Music Critic and author of
" Fifty Years of San Francisco Opera", (cousin of Felix Blumenfeld)

"This is a highly informative and enjoyable film that sheds light on an unjustly neglected body of repertoire. Great for musicians and non-musicians alike."
Jon Nakamatsu
Gold Medal Winner of the 10th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

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The Performances:

Chopin-Godowsky, E-Flat Minor Etude, Op.10, No. 6. 3:50
Blumenfeld, excerpt of A-Flat Etude, Op. 36. 3:17
George Tingley, Scherzino. 0:48
Moszkowski, Etude, Op. 92, No. 2. 2:14
Scriabin, Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2. 6:47
Julian White, Prelude: On the Beach Looking South. 3:25
Bach-Brahms, Chaconne, excerpt from live performance in Athens, Greece. 3:35
Strauss-Godowsky, excerpt from The Gypsy Baron Waltz. 2:50

Excerpts from the following for purposes of demonstration:
Strauss-Godowsky, The Artist's Life
Chopin, Scherzo, Op. 31, No.2
Chopin-Godowsky, Etude, Op. 25, No. 12


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